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Nursing Home Lawsuit

By August 30, 2018Uncategorized

With the increasing number of personal injury and medical maltreatment cases, the filling of nursing home lawsuit cases has increased significantly.

Based on the following grounds, nursing home lawsuit have been filed:

  • An act of negligence
  • Medical maltreatment
  • Abuse in the premises, resulting in harm or death to a patient

Nursing homes, rest homes, convalescent homes, or elder care homes have all been subject to nursing home lawsuits. These organizations are legally responsible to offer proper treatment and care to the patients. Any negligence, abuse or maltreatment is ground to file a potential nursing home lawsuit.

Nursing home lawsuits in the United States

There are a vast number of nursing home lawsuits filed each year across the United States against the nursing homes and assisted living facility providers. A vast majority of these cases come from suspected elder abuse. The number of elder abuse cases has reached nearly one million in a year.  Nursing home lawsuits are aiming at individual employees and medical professionals. Moreover, in some cases these lawsuits target the business owners, accusing them as suspect. As the losses or damages occurred within the confines of a nursing home or elderly care facilities, the owners are may be liable for negligent care.

When to File a Nursing Home Lawsuit

At first, the elderly patients need to show their willingness to proceed with the claims against negligent providers. It will need a legal framework or power of attorney on behalf of the elderly patients to allow the family members to proceed with the legal cases.

If anyone you love becomes a victim of negligence, medical maltreatment or abuse, you may be file a potential lawsuit against the nursing home or assisted living.  He or she may be entitled to receive compensation for the losses or damages done to him or her.

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