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Monsanto lawsuit

By August 30, 2018Monsanto lawsuit

The number of U.S. lawsuits filed against Bayer’s newly acquired Monsanto has increased significantly from 4000 to 8000 in the last few years. The plaintiff lawyers claimed that the active ingredient (glyphosate) of the herbicide (weed killer) Roundup® has caused several types of cancer (including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) to their clients. According to them, the manufacturing company has failed to inform the consumers about the risks and dangers of glyphosate. This is why it is claimed that some clients have received non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after the use of Roundup®.

The number of people who have filed lawsuits in both state and federal litigation has reached 8,000 at the end of July.

As the consequence of this, Bayer shares lowered down more than 10 per cent. On August 10, 2018, Monsanto was ordered to pay $289 million as compensations for failing to warn people about the dangers and risks of using glyphosate-based weed killers like Roundup® and Ranger Pro®. A San Francisco jury returned a judgment in the case of a former groundskeeper diagnosed with terminal cancer for using the herbicides of Monsanto Company. The jury ordered the agrochemical giant Monsanto to pay $39.2 million as compensatory damages and $250 million in punitive damages for failing to warn and inform people that the exposure to Roundup® and Ranger Pro® (weed killer) can cause cancer.

As the consequence of the verdicts, Bayer shares went down 1.8 per cent, causing a fall to Germany Stock Market. It brought about an impact on the German economy, as Monsanto is a German drug maker.

In the course of time, Monsanto is getting involved in several high-profile lawsuits filed by the plaintiffs. Apart from the Monsanto lawsuits, there are several health issues and environmental issues related to Bayer’s products. This is why Monsanto has received rebukes from the U.S. drug watchdog for failing to meet the guidelines of consumer-care product sales and production practices.  It has ordered to strengthen its drug development pipeline and integrate Monsanto into its organization.

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