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Subway Accident

Subway Accident Lawsuit Settlements

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We travel on subways filled with crowds, hawkers, and hazards. Sometimes, it can give a single person twisting his or her ankle on a loose tile, or hundreds of deaths and severe injuries due to a train derails or crashes.

If you or someone you loved has been injured in a subway accident, you may be eligible to file a subway accident lawsuit. As the subways are owned, managed, and maintained by the city and state authorities, any subway accident lawsuit is quite different from a typical injury lawsuit. You need legal proceedings for subway accident lawsuit settlements. You must file a notice of claim within 90 days since the day of the accident. Exceeding this timeline could subject you to the denial of your claim regardless of its merit. That is why filling a subway accident lawsuit before the expiry date is always important.

To do so, what you need is a specialized subway accident lawyer who will represent you.  Subway accident lawsuits are quite complex and time-consuming. Your lawyer needs to consider various issues and important factors associated with subway accident lawsuit settlements.

Given below are the issues associated with subway accident lawsuit settlements

Who owns and maintains the trains, subways, and stations? At the very beginning, there remains determining some preliminary matters like who owns, manages, and maintains the train or station where the subway accident occurred.

Sovereign immunity

There are some jurisdictions that may bar you from suing the state or a state agency.

Notice of claim

As mentioned above, an injured party by a subway accident needs to send a notice of claim within a specified period of 90 days since the day of the accident.

Damage caps

By the force of damage caps, federal law can limit the amount of non-economic damages. Cap damage award for the injured passengers (injured in a train accident) is $200 million in total.

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