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Axiron® Lawsuit Settlement

By March 13, 2018Axiron®

If you or someone you love has been harmed as the consequence of using Axiron® solution, you may be eligible for financial compensation.  Over 400 Axiron® lawsuit claims and settlements have been filed against Eli Lilly for many serious issues like blood clots, heart attack, DVT, cardiac arrest, stroke and other complications.

If you are a victim of the above-mentioned health hazards and other complications as a result of using Axiron® testosterone solution, you can contact Injury Help Desk, a leading marketing agency connecting 1000s of victims to top-tier legal representation including the Los Angeles area. We care about your issue and connect you to the right lawyer for your potential Axiron® lawsuit settlement claim.

You may be entitled to monetary compensation or substantial cash awards from an Axiron® class action lawsuit or Multidistrict litigation (MDL). Axiron® lawsuit claims that the manufacturer of this drug has failed to warn the men about the risks of using it, certain ailments like low sex drive, irritability, muscle loss, fatigue, and reduction in testosterone levels due to old age may be as a result of using Axiron®.

What is Axiron® ?

Axiron® is a topical solution used for testosterone treatment. In November of 2010, the F.D.A. approved this medicine for the first time as a prescription medicine to treat adult males who have low or no testosterone.  After the approval of the medicine, the drug was widely sold in the U.S. until the manufacturer discontinued its supply.

Needless to say, the FDA approved this testosterone replacement therapy drug only for hypogonadism. It means the doctors can prescribe the medicine only when the testicles could not produce enough testosterone. The FDA did not approve the low testosterone replacement therapy drugs for many reasons and specific conditions like low sex drive, irritability, muscle loss, fatigue, and reduction in testosterone levels due to old age.

A vast majority of Axiron® lawsuit claims and settlement say that the manufacturers did not mention these along with the possible side effects of using it. As the consequence of it, they (male users) have suffered.   If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of using Axiron® you may eligible for financial compensation.


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